Protecting Your Loved Ones

The people who are most important to you are the ones that you will want to offer financial protection to. You may not always be there to help them. There are all kinds of ways to ensure that the right kind of financial provision is put in place. Polestar will be happy to make suggestions that will give your loved ones protection – and you peace of mind.

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  • Financial protection – for you and your familyFinancial protection – for you and your family

    Investment planning is now more of a science, rather than an art. Technology, ever-increasing investment opportunities and stricter regulation have all encouraged the more scientific approach. But has your investment strategy kept pace?

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  • You and yours – estate planningYou and yours – estate planning

    For many people, estate planning is pushed to the bottom of the ‘do later’ list, like tax returns. Estate planning is also a subject that requires you to contemplate your own demise and none of us expect to pass away tomorrow, so deferral easily sets in. However, before then there is always the possibility that death will come suddenly, through an accident or previously unnoticed medical condition.

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  • Investing for ChildrenInvesting for Children

    Most parents want to help their children financially, whether it is making sure there is enough money for their education or helping them to buy a property. An early objective may well be to help children understand the value and importance of money.

    Tax will be a major factor to consider, as will the risks of giving children too much too soon. It is therefore important for parents and others to appreciate the basic tax and legal rules and also some of the investment products that are suitable for their children.

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  • Business succession planningBusiness succession planning

    What happens to a business if its owner or co-owner dies or falls seriously ill? Much will depend on the type of business – sole trader, partnership or limited company – but unless there has been some advance planning, the chances are that there will be disruption, arguments and the strong possibility that all or part of the business will end up in the wrong hands.

    So if you are a business owner, business succession planning and insurance is important. It is quite simply the process of planning for what you want to happen if you (or your co-owner, if you have one) were to die or fall seriously ill.

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Having the right protection in place can make a real difference to those affected by the loss of a loved one or an unexpected illness. We’ve spoken to some of our clients about their experiences:

Clare's Story

Craig’s Story

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